red_letterOur pastors pick a new theme each summer! This year, the theme is The Red Letter Jesus.

Once it was common to print the words of Jesus in red ink in many editions of the Bible. Maybe you remember. Maybe you still have a “red letter Bible”.

This summer we take up the theme of sayings of Jesus as quoted in the Bible. It’s a summer’s worth of remembering some of the remarkable things Jesus said, and thinking together about what they mean. Maybe we’ll even “debunk” some of those things people think Jesus said!

For example, Jesus never said “God helps those who help themselves.”! (Although Paul came close in Philippians 2:12-13)

However, Jesus did say “go, sell your possessions, and give the money to the poor,” Did he really mean that literally?

I once heard a joke that claimed “liberal Christians take everything Jesus said about sex figuratively and everything he said about money literally, while conservative Christians take everything Jesus said about sex literally and everything he said about money figuratively!”

Well, as Pr. Lisa says, Jesus said a lot more about money than he said about sex. But, of course, everything Jesus said was meant to teach something about the Kingdom of God.

Pr. Lisa and Pr. Bob will attempt to cover a representative sample of the range of things Jesus said, one saying per week. We’ll try to hear again how appropriate red ink just might be to the fundamental teachings of Jesus. There will be plenty to challenge all of us (including the preachers!) But we fully expect to celebrate that the good news is shot-through all of what Jesus said, even the “radical” things.

Maybe most especially those things!

We are looking forward to a stimulating, challenging, enlightening, and enjoyable look at “The Red Letter Jesus” this summer. Please join us in worship.