Pastor Mark’s Reflections

First Words

“Good-bye, may God be with you Pastor Bob” and “Hello – Pastor Mark,” together we are in transition. For some of you Pastor Bob has been your pastor for a lifetime. I too, have made few shifts in the last two years moving from pastor in Stoughton to interim ministry at Jefferson Prairie and now renewal pastor at Faith. Change affects us all. We find ourselves in an in-between time, a shift. We are not alone; the entire church globally is in a major shift. God is on the move, God’s church is on the move, we are on the move. Together we embark on a new escapade growing, transforming, and thriving where God has planted us. One of my favorite things to say before worship is: “We gather to see what God is up to in our lives.” So we begin together asking, “What is God up to in the life of Faith Lutheran?”

Always remember “You’re loved.” I spent the past three years preparing to be a Spiritual Guide, while companioning others in life’s journey, I have noticed something we all have in common:

“I’m alive.”

“I am the recipient of a tremendous gift.”

“I am given the opportunity to respond to this outrageous outpouring of love.”

In July Peggy and I traveled to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Along the way we met a man named Victor. He was a loving, patient and kind man. At the end of our journey, during the final good-byes, I told him, “Vic, you are one of the kindest and most loving men I have met on my travels.” And without hesitation he said, “I see something loving and valuable in every human being.” He celebrates life, knows that it is a gift and responds with love. You will hear me say over and over again in the next three years, “You’re loved.” By doing so, we are reminded of the gift that we are alive and for me, it is a gift to be your pastor at this time.

In an email, someone wrote, “Thank you Pastor Mark for being our renewal pastor for the next three years.” And my response was “It is an honor and privilege to be on this journey with you!” Thank you, people of Faith, for the warm and gracious hospitality expressed at a fish fry, worship and fellowship in August. We felt welcomed! This is going to be an exciting adventure listening and growing with you. My task is to be a midwife assisting you to give birth to new visions while nurturing leadership for the future.

You’re loved,

Pastor Mark

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