I have noticed that Wisconsinites put a lot of work into their gardens. Planting, watering, weeding, pruning or harvesting. There’s something about those green plants and colorful flowers that calls us to endure heat and bugs. It’s pretty amazing that we do so for such a short, growing season. All that work, and it’s just going to be gone come winter. In a couple of months, all the plants and flowers, all the colors and textures, will be gone. Why work so hard for something that is here today and gone tomorrow?

Because it gives us life. There’s a reason green is the color of the Church during the summer. Green is the color of life and growth. Green is the color we wait for throughout the winter. I remember one winter that was so white; I got excited the first time I saw brown earth. Brown, as we know, comes before green. Green is the color of the plants pushing up out of the earth, reaching for the sun. Green is the color of the leaf buds, sprouting out on branches. Like those plants and buds, we reach for life.

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