Dear Friends in Faith –

One day last week I absent mindedly left the house without my cell phone. Like most of you I carry mine with me almost all of the time. This particular day I went to Madison for a long, busy day.

It was an enlightening experience. I spent the day worried! What if someone in my family needs me for something and can’t get ahold of me? What if there is an emergency involving a Faith member and I can’t be reached? What if I won the Publishers’ Clearing House Sweepstakes and they can’t contact me – so they give the prize to someone who did remember his cell phone today?

Of course, if I had had my cell phone with me I wouldn’t have worried about any of those things. But, more illuminating to me, was the realization that before I had a cell phone I would not have worried about any of these things either!

The technology that has made it possible to be in constant touch has made me a bit of any addict to accessibility! I know I’m not alone. News stories last week about people attending Burning Man, the annual art and anarchy festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, were fascinating. Many who attended the weeklong “camp-out” were well “plugged-in” executives in the information technology industry. These most “wired” people talked about what a challenge it was to spend a week where there is no cell phone service!


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