Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an exciting and warm welcome to Faith Lutheran in beautiful Columbus. As I learn more about you, you should know more about me! First, a confession: I was born and raised in Illinois. Yes, I know, please don’t judge. However, I am no longer a Bears fan and not as much of a Cubs fan. So there is that.

I have three teen daughters (Tess, Abby, and Zoe) and a resigned husband named Bill. As the eye rolling increases at home, he spends more time fishing. Bill is a middle school choir teacher so basically fishing in all spare hours.

I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my ordination last February and our 20th wedding anniversary this September. AND I turn 50 years old December 21, 2020!

I spent the past 18 months as the interim associate pastor of St. John Lutheran church in Reedsburg. Before that, I was interim pastor at Olivet UCC here in Columbus! It is good to be back. I am ordained in the United Church of Christ, a body of Christ partner with whom the ELCA shares full communion. So we play well together!

Here is what I have learned about YOU. I will need to increase my daily walking mileage because this church eats and the food is divine. You are friendly and forgiving of a painfully led kyrie (I refer to myself, not Henry Elling). The crickets are not the only ones making a joyful noise in this place: you have bell and vocal choirs, ukuleles and more offering praise – I sense the sky’s the limit in openness to congregational participation and involvement in worship. Your physical space seems devoted to making ministry, whether it be sewing bags for those who are mobile with a walker and need a place to put stuff, scavenger hunt team lists posted for all to see, or outdoor libraries and pantries for those who need a good word or a nourishing bite.

I eagerly anticipate our partnership. I firmly believe in the sacred space between people – that relational intersection where God happens. Let us be courageous, curious and confident that God’s work through our hands continues to bring blessing to this congregation and community.

With great anticipation,

Rev. Beth Voigt

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