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Mother’s Day is Generations of memories of Grandmothers, Mothers, and many more being a Mother. God Loves us all.

Congratulations to our High School Graduates and those graduating from a higher education experience.

Remembering our Active Armed Forces people, All our Veterans, and our Armed Forces People who Sacrificed their lives to protect our great country and Freedom.

Thank you to Faith Lutheran Sunday School families and teachers for a successful Sunday School learning experience for our children. How great it is to have you singing on Sundays and having the choir joining you. WOW.

Appreciating the Lay Assistant Ministry, The Bell Choir, the Choir and Lisa’s Guiding talents. Another Wow.

WELCOME to Faith Lutheran newest Communicants. What a joy to celebrate a special First Communion with 10 young students. Congratulations. God Bless You.

Enjoy the spring flowers. We are Moving Forward. Call Committee is quickly, busily and quietly “Moving Faith Lutheran Forward.” We appreciate God’s Blessings.

“The Prez”

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