Dear Friends in Faith,



On my office wall is a plaque with this quote from Martin Luther:


“Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God in Music.”



You probably know that one of the reforms that Luther helped to bring about in the life of the church was to involve the congregation in singing at worship. He even composed hymns like A MIGHTY FORTRESS and liturgies that were for the people to sing and not just the clergy.



Well, each of us, whether we are a particularly musical person or not, have music that we love and that speaks to us on a deep level. Music has that ability to bypass all of the barriers of our analyzing mind and doubting heart and speak directly to our souls.



Often time music speaks directly from the experience of the composer to the experience of the singers, binding them in a mutual recognition of God at work in our world. Many Christian hymns and songs have remarkable stories of faith associated with their origins.



Some of you already know the story about how the hymn AMAZING GRACE came to be, the story of a former slave ship Captain, John Newton, who had a sudden revelation of God’s saving grace. Many of you know the story of the Christmas carol SILENT NIGHT; the words were written by Austrian priest, Joseph Mohr, and the melody by his organist, Franz Gruber, to sing with guitar on Christmas eve, 1818, at St. Nickolaus Church in Oberndorf, Austria, because the organ had stopped working.  Many songs of the Christian faith have great stories attached to them. We will have a richer understanding of some of the music we sing in worship when we know the stories behind the music.



Summer 2014’s preaching series will celebrate this unique power of music. From June 15th until August 27th, each week we will look at one remarkable song of Christian faith.  Some will be so familiar we could (almost) sing them by heart. Some will be great songs we are somewhat familiar with but could find new meaning in. One or two might even be new songs to learn.Some will be very traditional. Some will be contemporary.



Pastor Lisa and I look forward to sharing a summer of wonderful music and
stories with you!





Pr. Bob Moberg



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