What does it mean to be part of Faith Lutheran Church?

  • Faith is a place where you can worship God.
  • Faith is a place where you can learn about the Bible and Christianity—no matter your age.
  • Faith is where you can spend time with other Christians.
  • Faith is a place you can invite your friends to.
  • Faith is a place where you can serve those in need.
  • Faith is a place where you can give of yourself, as well as be filled up by the Spirit of God.

If you want, check off the ones you are already doing. Are there some you didn’t check off that you’d like to add this year? It helps to write a goal down, so write down your new goal(s), or at least circle it on this paper, and put this someplace where you can see it.

Faith is also a place where you can learn how fun it is to give of your time, your skills, and your finances. Please be so kind as to fill out the Ministry Opportunities sheet included in this newsletter and mail or give it to the church office.

One of the fun ways our congregation has been giving of its finances is through a tithe on the parsonage proceeds. We gave 5% of the proceeds to ministries outside our congregation, and we are in the process of giving another 5% to ministries within our congregation. The 5% going outside our congregation include: (See annual report for a complete list.)

  • Lutheran Disaster Relief’s Middle East and European Refugee services
  • Quality backpacks and supplies for homeless teens
  • Good Gifts through the ELCA World Hunger Appeal
  • Hephetha Lutheran Church, our sister congregation in Milwaukee, for their youth program
  • Fleece for blankets and hats for PAVE,
  • Our Synod’s Confirmation Extravaganza
  • Engineers in Action
  • Incentives for the confirmation students’ fundraising for Habitat for Humanity
  • Seed money for youth going to the last National Youth Gathering. This went toward Walk For Water, an organization that helps build clean and accessible water systems.

Money going to ministries within our congregation include Peer Ministry Training for high schoolers, adult coloring group, family game night, God’s Work Our Hands, Right Now Media subscription, and Sunday School chairs. We still have funds to distribute! If there is a ministry that you would like to organize, please contact Pastor Lisa. And don’t forget the Ministry Opportunity sheet in this newsletter!

Pastor Lisa

Read more from about the life of Faith in the February newsletter, check out previous newsletters, or view our calendars to learn more about Faith.