I am attempting to turn over a more efficient leaf. My newsletter article this month is the report I wrote for January’s annual meeting. Hopefully it sounds familiar because you attended the meeting!

I use the term “annual” report with full knowledge that I have been with Faith as the renewal pastor just four months! Perhaps we should call this my “quarterly” report. This congregation has moved within the renewal process for over two years. I have several observations. Whether you realize it or not, you have been in discernment. The leadership of Faith has capably led the membership in exploring all manner of ministry. You have bravely and wisely balanced new experiences in worship with an appreciation for the traditions that provide continuity. Your commitment to families and youth is evident in continued strong faith formation programming. You have, through necessity, realized that sustained ministry relies on the work of the congregation in partnership with other staff, including clergy. Spaghetti suppers, memory making events, confirmation, and even special services like Christmas Eve, happen and are meaningful not just through the effort of the pastor.

As we move through these next months, the focus will shift toward the call process. This is the natural progression through the third year of renewal. I encourage your participation in the opportunities offered for creation of a ministry site profile. This will be the document candidates for the settled pastor position receive as they discern their own call. It will be their first introduction to the Faith congregation. Please make every effort to be in conversation with each other and the leadership at Faith because this is work that needs everyone!

I have been honored to join you on this part of your journey. May the Spirit of welcome and joy in one another continue to be the foundation that grows love in Faith.


Rev. Beth Voigt Renewal Pastor Faith Lutheran Church

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