Dear Friends in Faith,

For 40 years after the Exodus the people of Israel wandered in the wilderness without a home until God brought them across the Jordan River and gave them the gift of place – the Promised Land!

It was part of the covenant God made with Abraham. Along with family and the blessing of God sharing our human life in the promised Messiah; a place to call home is a prime component of our identity and our spirituality.

For my wife, Lynne, and me the last many years have been a time of loss of places that were important to our identity. Though I still have a small share of the Moberg farm at Cook, Minnesota, where my father grew up – I share it with 11 cousins – it is not at all the place that was so much a part of my growing up. Connections with relatives and with family history resided in that place when it was still a home to my Dad’s sisters, but now that it is mostly just hunting land, abandoned for most of the year and growing up into woods; it just doesn’t function in that way anymore for me. There is no “home” there.

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