A Note From Our Pastor

We’re at the beginning of another church year. “Advent is the first season in the church year, comprising the four weeks before Christmas. The word ‘Advent’ comes from the Latin, ‘to come,’ and the church has observed Advent as weeks of preparation since the fifth century with themes of watchfulness, preparation, and hope infusing this season. Together we both anticipate the celebration of God’s coming in the form of the Christ child and the final coming of Christ in the time to come.” *

I am not always a patient person. I get frustrated and find that sometimes “It’s just easier to do it myself.” Well folks, Advent is a lesson in patience. The challenge often comes from societal influences. Some radio stations have been playing Christmas music since November 1st. We barely got to Halloween and stores started putting up Christmas displays. I tried to find Thanksgiving decorations two weeks before Thanksgiving and had to give up my search.

Of course there are things to look forward to in this season. The candles will be lit each week in worship. The tree in the sanctuary will be decorated. There is an ecumenical Longest Night service on December 21st at the Nazarene Church. The cantata will be heard on December 19th. And the children’s Christmas program will be performed on December 22nd.

But like with any expectant journey, the 25 days we wait for Jesus’ birth can be difficult. We just can’t wait to meet our Savior. And yet, we are still waiting for his return.

I invite you all to really live into this time of anticipation. Take time to reflect on how you’ve waited for the birth of children. Feel the excitement of a long-awaited child with Elizabeth and Zechariah. Take a moment to sit with Mary, an unwed teenage mother, as she too awaits the birth of the Savior. Worry with Joseph as he wonders how he will ever be a good father to the Son of God. Wait. Practice patience. And, rejoice with Christians everywhere as we celebrate the birth of Emmanuel – God with us.


Pastor Jane

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