Dear Friends in Faith –

During the Cold War a weapon was conceived and developed known as the “Neutron Bomb”. The idea was that it would kill people but leave more infrastructure intact than other kinds of nuclear weapons. I thought of that after the July 13th storm in Columbus. It seemed to me that we had been hit by something like an “anti-nuetron bomb”.

I woke up with a start a little after 4:00 a.m. to the sound of roaring wind. We had windows open on the west side of the house and, suddenly, the window screens blew right off the windows and into the room; rain was coming in the open windows horizontally; and the power went out.

When morning brought enough light to look out into the yard our large willow tree was flat on the ground. A big pin cherry tree was leaning way over and the roots were starting to lift out of the rain soaked soil. The top of a tall balsam next to the driveway had broken off and was lying on Lynne’s car. The gazebo that was standing on the patio the night before was now smashed against the shed and the things that had been underneath it were scattered around the yard. I could hear sirens, and looking down Fuller Street I could see flashing lights.

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