Dear Friends in Faith,

One year from this month, I turn 66 years old. UNBELIEVABLE!

That means in April of 2017 I will be eligible for full Social Security and will be retiring sometime next year. It won’t be in April, after all Easter is on April 16th in 2017! But it might be as summer is beginning in June or ending in September. It is even possible that I might want to delay my retirement until after the end of October in order to still be “in the saddle” when the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation comes around.

Likely, I’ll have made the decision about when exactly I will be retiring by the end of this coming summer. However that decision goes, I know that at some point in 2016 I will be saying – probably weekly – something like “Well, that’s the last St. Swithun’s Day I’ll be celebrating in my ministry!”

Let me start you thinking about a few things that I have been thinking about:

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