Annual Report (updated January 28)

Read our 2020 Annual Report at the link above. For information on how to attend our annual meeting, please continue on…

Faith Lutheran Church’s Sunday live stream is for our Annual Congregational Meeting this week, January 31st. Our Live Stream will start at 9:00am, with our meeting starting at 9:15am

You have three options for attending:

  1. The church will be open to attend in person (with masks). The meeting starts at 9:15; registration begins at 8:45 a.m. We will use the sanctuary, narthex and fellowship hall for seating if you feel comfortable attending. Monitors will be set up so you can see from all of these areas.
  2. The church will be open and you may stay in your car to hear the meeting on the radio at 88.5 FM. Voting will be by paper ballot distributed to you in the cars. We will register you and distribute ballots to you before the meeting. Please arrive by 9:00 so that we can register you before the meeting at 9:15.
  3. You may view the meeting via YouTube at the private link sent out to church members earlier this week.  You may log on to this link after 9:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. This is not a public meeting, so this link is needed for a closed broadcast. We will announce the phone number to call for registration on Sunday morning at the beginning of the YouTube video and before the meeting starts. Our video will list a cell phone number to register and vote. Each voter will need their own cell phone number. You will be able to watch the meeting and text your vote.

We anticipate six votes at the meeting:

  • two-year council members election
  • three-year council members election
  • youth representative to council
  • endowment committee 3-year appointments
  • 2021 budget
  • Motion to adjourn

Thank you for your patience. Perhaps next year it will be easier.

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Annual Report (updated January 28)
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