Join us on November 6th for our All Saints Sunday service. The service will be in person and live streamed beginning at 9:15am.

Dear Friends,

All Saints Day is difficult for a lot of us. This time of year, I find myself confronting my grief on a deeper level. And, while it is wonderful that we name those who have died in the last year during worship on All Saints Sunday, I thought I would open up the day to remember all those who’ve gone before us.

This Sunday I will have a table available in the narthex on which you may place a photo, a memento or perhaps someone’s name so that we can all remember together.

Pastor Jane

YouTube and Facebook live stream information is linked below.

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Documents for the November 6th service have been emailed to the congregation on Nopvember 2nd. If you did not receive those documents, please contact our secretary to be included on our mailings.

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