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July 2021 Newsletter – Call to Discipleship note from Pastor Jane, School, Personal Care, & Fabric kits, Lector, Lay Assisting Minister, and Acolyte schedule, Circles are back, Loving Lunches

June 2021 Newsletter – Note from Pastor Jane, Note from henry, Lutherdale summer camp, Lector, Lay Assisting Minister, and Acolyte schedule, Ruby’s Food Pantry, Circles are back, Senior Graduation Sunday May 30, Loving Lunches, June’s baptisms, birthdays, and anniversaries, Financial dashboard

May 2021 newsletter – Welcome Pastor Jane, May note from Council President Henry, Lector and Lay Assisting Minister schedule, Pentecost is May 23rd, Senior Graduation Sunday is May 30th, May’s baptismal birthdays, baptisms, and anniversaries, Financial dashboard

April 2021 Newsletter – Easter letter from the ELCA Bishop, April note from Council President Henry, Announcement that Pastor Jane has accepted our call (with a May start date to be determined), In person service announcement, Lector and Lay Assisting Minister Schedule, April baptisms, birthdays, and Anniversaries, Financial dashboard

March 2021 Newsletter – March letter from Council President Henry, Food pantry updates, Baptismal birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, Financial dashboard

February 2021 Newsletter – Ash Wednesday Service February 17, Letter from Henry, Baptisms, Birthdays, Lay Assisting Minsters & Worship Assistants for February, and 2020 Budget Totals

January 2021 newsletter – Christmas message from Bishop Eaton, New Year message from Council President Henry, Confirmation update, Giving Tree Thank you, Lay Assisting Minsters & Worship Assistants for January

December 2020 Newsletter – Letter from Church President, Covenant signing update, Faith in Stitches thank you, Faith Giving Tree announcement, Lay Assisting Minsters & Worship Assistants for December

November 2020 Newsletter – Faith in Stitches Challenge, November Assistants, Birthdays and Anniversaries

October 2020 newsletter – Letter From Henry, All Saints Sunday, “Keep Our Children Warm”, Lutheran World Relief, Calendar, Lay Assisting Ministers, & Worship Assistants for October

September 2020 Newsletter – Letter From Henry, School Supply Challenge, Food Pantry, Financials

August 2020 Newsletter – Letter from Henry, School Supply Challenge, Lutheran World Relief Parish Projects

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