“The Lyster Sisters are a close knit group that loves to sing.
Together for 13 years, we have a lot of fun but yet can be serious.
Love to praise the Lord with our music”, a quote from Myrna Johnson, singer from the alto section.

The Lyster Sisters are an ecumenical singing group representing 9 different churches, not all Lutheran.

A blend of voices and personalities, two, three and four part harmonies accompanied by Karen Baader, piano, adding bass guitar, six string acoustic, flute and at times cello, directed by native Waupun woman, Betty Lou Mannigel Imler.

The Sisters rehearse at the Lyster Lutheran Church in Norwegian Valley called Urne, near Durand, Wisconsin. Membership varies from 10 to 18 singers.

Voices join in a common bond – In addition to its fresh take on the traditional church choir format, the Sisters come from all different walks of life, well known business women to career educators to financial experts, secretaries, farm women and artists. Director Betty Lou is a full time musician, private guitar/piano instructor and 5th band director in the Durand School district.

Whether singing or laughing – or both simultaneously – the Lyster Sisters produce a unique spin on a traditional choir experience that is truly a treat for audiences of all ages.

Please come to Faith on July 31st at 1:30 to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful opportunity.