By Pastor Lisa

Seeing the many wonders God has created connects us to the Creator. Though I find it is easy to take this beauty for granted. When God speaks to us through nature, we aren’t always listening. Sometimes God has to shout, so to speak, to wake us up to God’s presence around us.

I remember a time when God spoke loudly to me through a beautiful sight. That week, we had company at our house, and I was completely and utterly annoyed by one of them. I’m not proud of this reaction, but there it is. I won’t go into details. At the time, I was working on Synod Staff and had just spent the evening consulting at the ELCA church in Hustisford.

As I drove home from that very good meeting, I found my feelings of annoyance of this person returning. Despite this frustration, I noticed the beautiful sunset before me. In fact, I couldn’t miss it as I drove into the western sky. The roads in that area curve around the hills instead of up and over them, and each time I entered a curve, I would lose sight of the sunset. Then, each time I came out of the curve, the sunset would reappear, bigger and brighter than ever.

It was almost too much to witness the oranges, yellows, and reds of the sun appearing over and over again, spreading out over the horizon. Each time more amazing than the last. My smile grew with each curve and each revelation of God’s beauty. Finally, I said, “Alright God, I get it.” The beauty of creation helped me see that life is a blessing, even when coupled with annoyance. I found it hard to stay annoyed in the midst of the beauty of God’s creation, and I was grateful for God’s insistence that I see the beauty of this world.

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