Faith Lutheran Church’s service is in person and live stream this week, September 12th, the Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost. We will have one service at 9:15am Sunday morning.

This Sunday has 2 special events. It is Quilt Sunday as well as God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday. Join us as we join other churches across the country in these important outreach events.

YouTube and Facebook live stream information is linked below.

If attending in person, face coverings and social distancing are no longer required while in Faith Lutheran Church beginning June 20th. The high rate of vaccinations and low infections combined to allow this change. More distanced pews are still an option along one side of the sanctuary for those who would like to maintain distancing during service. You can also attend in the parking lot or anywhere outside, where we will be broadcasting audio of our service on 88.5 FM.

If you cannot contribute to Faith Lutheran Church in person, please consider giving via on-line methods. The simplest way to handle that is to click on the orange [DONATE] button at the top right of this page.

Documents for the September 12th service were emailed to the congregation on September 9th. If you did not receive those documents, please contact our secretary to be included on our mailings.

You can watch our service below:

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