Mark Petersen, Renewal Pastor

I am the newest member of the staff at Faith called as a Pastor of Renewal for three years.  I am a trained listener with a pastoral background who can help others over time articulate their sacred story while holding it with reverence and awe.

One of my favorite words when noticing is “Wow!”  This is a moment of pause that causes members of a congregation to take note of an inner wholeness rising to the surface.   Renewal pastors are companions willing to explore congregational movements of the Spirit.  With a background in spiritual direction this style of ministry stirs my passion.  Faith Lutheran along with five other congregations in our synod are the first to explore transformational ministry after a long pastorate.

Considering my skill set, training and passion I am blessed to be at here in this congregation going through transition.  What I bring to renewal ministry is a calming presence, balance and wisdom – while midwifing new leadership for the future.

My background includes directing multiple retreats working with large and small groups of people around the inner movement of the Spirit.  I may be Lutheran pastor, but I am open to people of a variety of faiths and cultural backgrounds – so the deep ecumenical traditions of Columbus is captivating.

I have served five ELCA congregations for the past thirty-six years and recently left parish ministry for two specialized ministries – Renewal Pastor in the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin and spiritual guidance.  My home is in Stoughton WI with my wife Peggy and we have two adult daughters; Jocelyn and Briana who married and have opened the blessings of being a papa. They all live in the Madison area.