WELCOME TO FAITH’S OUTREACH PAGE THAT WILL HIGH-LIGHT SOME OF OUR PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS. If you have an interest in any of them contact the indicated person or the church office, (920) 623-3610.

Lutheran Camp Scholarships

If you are thinking about attending Lutherdale Bible camp in Elkorn this summer, you might be able to receive financial aid from the Lutheran Community Foundation ($10) and Faith’s Youth League ($90) for a total of $100. You can register on-line by going to www.lutherdale.org 


Labyrinth and Prayer Garden

LOOKING FOR A PLACE FOR MEDITATION, FOR REFLECTION FOR PRAYER, OR JUST SOME QUIET TIME? Faith welcomes your use of our Labyrinth and Prayer Garden located outside next to the church. Life is about change, growth, discovery and transformation. We continuously expand our vision of what is possible, by stretching, learning and listening—all with the hope of becoming closer to God. The labyrinth walk helps all of this occur. There is no wrong way, nor is there any wrong reason to walk the labyrinth. There is only one route in, with the same path leading out again. It is not a maze. In some instances it will be walked in a slow, solemn and deliberate manner. However, it can be used in a joyous manner, as well. Labyrinths have long been used in the Christian church as a prayer and meditation tool. The Chartres-style labyrinth, like ours, represents an ancient symbol relating to wholeness. It is a metaphor for a journey to our own center and back again out into the world, with a broadened understanding of who we are.


Church Ladies Ministry

Church Ladies Ministry (CLM) is a ministry to women transitioning from incarceration back into the community. These women have just been released from confinement, many with young children, or are pregnant and are in need of some tender loving care, and an introduction to a new social environment. A dedicated group of women provide this care and support on a monthly basis by going to the ARC Baby House in Madison where socializing is done through conversation, demonstrating the craft of card making, enjoying refreshments, and sharing God’s love for them through a Bible study or story and lots of baby holding.


Youth Activities

Faith is offering organized activities for two age groups. One group is from grades 6 through 8 (Junior League) and the other is from 9 through 12 (Senior League). Some events are noted under Upcoming Events and can be found in the Church Calendar and Newsletter. Call the church office (623-3610) for times and places. These activities are open to all Columbus area youth in these age groups. Check it out, you might like it. All youth have an input to the type, timing and location of the activity. Check out the Shanty Town videos on You Tube.  Shanty Town 2010 and Shanty Town Games.


Special for the 55 and Older

Faith has an active program for seniors 55 and older. Participation is not limited to just Faith members. Check Church News anouncements . Contact Esther Gaumitz 484-3367 or Nancy Mickelson 484-3476 if you would like to participate.


Fur, Fin & Feathers at Faith

Our mission is:

  1. To foster the fellowship of interested Faith Lutheran members.
  2. Bring families, friends and neighbors together from the local communities.
  3. Demonstrate a church activity in a positive way within a theme that visitors are interested in.

“Fur, Fin and Feathers at Faith” is an annual community event for people that share an interest in hunting, fishing and the outdoors. The 10th annual event will be held this year on the Thursday evening of October 27, 2016. Click here for the most recent 2016 Fur, Fin, & Feathers Flier and also for recent event pictures.

This is no-charge admission event, however we do request a donation of non-perishable food items, or funds, for the Columbus-Fall River Food Pantry.  This year help us FILL the row BOAT with food pantry items.

Pictures from 2016 Fur, Fin, & Feathers


Music Ministry

Faith’s Music Ministry consists of Senior Chior, Bell Chior, Contemporay vocal/instrument group and two Sunday School (S.S.) choirs. You need not be a member. For the S.S. Choirs, you must be a S.S. student. For the other 3 choirs you only need an interest.


Intercessory Prayers during the Worship Service

Matthew 18:20 – For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.

It is our Ministry of Prayer where all are invited. One may come up to the altar railing during the hymn of the day and pray for themselves or someone they are concerned about or excited for. This is not just for “healing” but can be for thankfulness or celebration or whatever they want it to be for. We have a team of members that are scheduled to be at the railing and pray with the one coming forward.


Columbus Ecumenical Day Camp

Every summer, generally in July, for one week, Faith offers an ecumenical Bible camp open to all Columbus K through 5 children. A trained staff from Lutherdale Bible Camp leads this fun filled week. There is a limit on the number of children that can be accommodated. Check the announcements in the Church News page. Reservations are accepted starting in June. See picture of 2009 Camp on Faith in Action page. If you are interested check out the following for video’s of the 2009 Camp.




Chancel Drama–Daily devotions, a way to start the day

Brother Olaf and the Brothers of the Cloth worrys about financees, check our YouTube site.