Living a life that witnesses to the love of God in Jesus:

This October 23, 30, and November 6 at 6:30 to 8 p.m., I will lead three sessions on living a life that witnesses to the love of God in Jesus. Another word for this is “evangelism,” but most people are afraid of that word, so I’m going with the longer title.

What will we discuss?

What is your purpose in life? How did you get to where you are— faith-wise?

How can you share your experience of God’s love in a way that fits your personality and doesn’t turn others off?

Who specifically in your life might you want to share this with? How might you approach that person?

By the end of these three sessions, you should have a couple of brief examples of what you might say to someone who wants to hear why you are a Christian and what that means to you. Not only that, but you will have identified a couple of people in your life with whom you could start this conversation. Finally, we will pray that God help you and these, or other, people enter into this conversation.

Sound scary? Sound fun? Sound like what God has in mind for you? If so, join me on October 23, 30, and November 6. (If you have to miss a session, you can work on the exercises at home, though that won’t be near as much fun.)

Yours in Christ, Pastor Lisa

PS: The bishop is coming; the bishop is coming; the bishop is coming! Bishop Mary Froiland will be preaching at Faith on October 30 in honor of the Reformation! Everybody wear RED!!!

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