Why Christian?

I went to a conference last month that was absolutely amazing! It was called, “Why Christian?” and the promotional materials explained the title in this way:

“Why—with all the atrocities past and present committed in God’s name, amidst all the hostile divisions ripping apart Christ’s Church, in spite of all our own doubts and frustrations and fears about faith—are we still Christian? Why do we still have skin in the game?”

And then women like Rachel Held Evans, who wrote The Year of Biblical Womanhood, and Nadia Bolz Weber, who wrote Salvation on the Small Screen and Pastrix, answered the question of why they are a Christian with personal testimony. In fact, 13 women of different colors and sizes and orientations answered that question.

It was two days of hearing these women give witness to their faith: their Christian faith. In a world where being a Christian is only seen as a strength if you live in the Bible belt, this was amazing! Being Christian is especially out of vogue for young people, yet all but 3 of these 13 women were younger than me!


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