I want to tell you about a recent experience of mine. A good friend of mine invited me to meet her landlord, Bill. They’ve become friends, and she told him that I am a Lutheran pastor. Bill had gone to church in the past but had quit going in recent years. Recently, a lady friend of his invited him to go with her to her church, an ELCA congregation like Faith. He did, and when he learned I was a Lutheran pastor, he had some questions for me.

Right off the bat, he asked if I believed in the Trinity. “Yes,” I said. Without letting me continue, he said, “Even though it’s not in the Bible.” He then explained that he believes that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are each separate individuals. I said that I believed that God is the Creator while at the same time Jesus and at the same time the Holy Spirit.

I continued to explain that Jesus is Jesus at the same time he is God the Creator and God the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit and at the same time Jesus and the Creator. My friend and her landlord raised their eyebrows. I added, “It’s not really explainable; it’s a mystery. How can we ever really explain God?” Bill moved on to his next question.


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