A page just for our Confirmation class students and families.

2018 – 2019 Calendar

Calendar changes:

  • April 24: The last Wednesday of April after Easter will be the last of the Big 10. Pastor Mark will not cover all of the commandments but at least seven; by now the youth have a good picture of these gifts.
  • April 28: Current 8th graders are confirmed. Please come to the late service and give encouragement.
  • May 1 – Pizza Party & Ice Cream for all the youth. Emma & Carmen will be planning games and activities. Normal confirmation time 5:45 – 7:15.
  • May 8 – Celebration for mentors by the parents of the program. Normal confirmation time 5:45 – 7:15.

The Confirmation Lesson Plan for 2018-19 is available here. (updated November 2018) This document provides the details for every Wednesday through May 2019. Learning Events, Small Group Events, Family Events and more (just watch out for occasional changes).

Acolyte Schedule

Looking for the next time you Acolyte? Check that out on Faith’s Calendar page.

About Faith’s Confirmation program…

Faith Lutheran Church’s Confirmation program is a three year curriculum for sixth through eight graders. Many details were covered by Pastor Mark during the September 5 parent meeting at Faith on this Orientation sheet. The curriculum prepares the students to become an adult member of the church via their confirmation in the fall of their ninth grade year. The program in 2018/2019 focuses on “Yo Credo!” (I believe) and “The Big 10!” (commandments). Roughly every Wednesday night during the school year, the students meet at 5:45 at Faith for a lesson, family activity, or other event, and that goes until around 7:15.


April 23:

Confirmation is this Sunday!

Please be at church no later than 10am on Sunday morning. We will meet in the lounge where we will put on robes (which should still be at church), get a flower, and do some last minute reviews. Confirmands will process into the church with Pastor Mark and sit as a group at the front of church.

Bible verses should be memorized. Pia and myself will have a queue sheet in case parts are forgot.

As a reminder, all family, extended family, and friends are invited to lay hands on the newly confirmed when they are called up to the front of church. When you see them stand and move to the “on-deck” spot, that will be the signal for everybody to follow and get in place.

Finally, I sent to each of you (or at least one parent, hopefully) a link to a video of the statement of faith as read by the confirmands a few short weeks ago. If you did not receive it, please let me know.

Looking forward to see you all Sunday!


Major Key Dates

March 10: between services meeting with Mentor Troy and Pastor Mark to begin selecting a Bible Verse and steps toward a faith essay

March 31: 1:30 – 5 p.m. Retreat either at Faith

April 7: Sharing of Faith Statements at worship (8 & 10:30)

April 14: Noon. Affirmation of Baptism service practice and Pictures

April 28: 10:30 Confirmation Day


April 1:Faith statements will be presented at church this Sunday, April 7. The first service will have Gunner, Sydney, Corbin, Grace, Lucas, & Sophia. The second service will have Gus, Savanna, Owen, Ava, & Jacob.

Also, confirmands will get their robes on April 7. Please have them cleaned and ready for April 14 (Palm Sunday) when we will practice the confirmation service, and do group and individual pictures.

REMINDER: Please send infant and baptism pictures to Pastor Mark for use during the Confirmation service on April 28.

March 21:10 days to our Spring Retreat! Sunday, March 31 from about 1:30 to 7:30, Pastor Mark, Pia, and myself will all be meeting together with these 11 wonderful young adults. More details on that later, but for now…

If you child doesn’t have a bible verse, please ask for help. We are focusing on our faith statements now. Me, Pia, and Pastor Mark are ready to assist to prepare this meaningful essay. Please feel free to email us your draft copy, your rough thoughts, or a final version. Send us your questions, or give us a call. During the retreat next Sunday we will finalize the statements and practice reading them to each other.
The following guidelines are a great resource to use in laying out the faith statement:
  • 300 words typed (about a page)
  • Begin with your selected bible verse and explore why you chose that verse.
  • Continue with your faith journey, including things such as:
    • What does it mean to you that you are affirming your baptism?
    • In the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism you:
      • Promise to live among God’s faithful people. What does this mean?
      • Promise to hear God’s Word and Share in the supper. What does this mean?
      • Promise to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in word and deed. What does this mean?
      • Promise to follow Jesus by serving people with justice and peace. What does this mean?
    • Select an area of confirmation (or for some, Sunday School or other related events) that meant the most to you and explain why. The areas of learning include (but are not limited to): Baptism, Holy Communion, The Bible, What does it mean to be a Lutheran? Apostles Creed, Lord’s Prayer, 10 commandments, servant events, celebration events, or Pizza night.
    • Specific ways that you will continue to nurture and use your faith after confirmation, including your involvement in your church home, Faith.
March 10: The young adults should now be choosing a bible verse for their faith statement. The verse should be of reasonable length (a sentence or so) and be something that they feel applies to their own faith. Parents, please help your son or daughter choose a verse that applies to them. If music is their thing, there are lots of music verses in the bible (Psalms comes to my mind for music). Maybe it comes from a favorite bible story (here is a link to 150 Famous Bible Stories as handed out today:  http://dans.faithweb.com/150stories.html ). Perhaps hunting is important, or sports. It could be friendship. Choosing a right verse can can be difficult. Pull out a bible, and don’t be afraid to pull out Google too. Be patient and take time.
I hope all of you will make it to the Faith this Wednesday as we host our soup and chili supper. Your child’s goal should be to have a verse chosen by Wednesday. We will use that as a building block for the faith statement. I will have more details about that in my next email.