The sanctuary was built in 1970, 48 years ago.  Both exterior walls have the original natural cedar siding.  Due to the sun and weather exposure, the East wall siding has deteriorated.  There are many open voids, cracks and splintered boards.

At the annual meeting on January 28, 2018, the congregation approved a fundraiser for the siding replacement.  This project costs an estimated $40,000.  The contractor will remove the existing siding, replace any rotten sheathing, add insulation board, add a vapor barrier, install the same grade vertical cedar channel lap siding, prime the siding and take care of cleanup and disposal.  The plan also includes repairs and cladding to all six stain glass window frames (North and East sides).  Cladding the sash frames is not included.  Included is the hiring the painting of both the North and East walls.

Process for contributing:

  1. In the square(s), add your name or another notation if you would prefer to remain “anonymous”.
  2. Make your check payable to Faith Lutheran Church and in the memo field enterSiding Project”.
  3. Please give or mail your check to the Secretary.  If you are contributing as “anonymous”, you have to let Chris know which square(s) are yours.
  4. If you are placing it in the offering basket, please put the check in a plain envelope separate from your regular offering envelope and clearly label it with your name and “Siding Project so that it does not get mixed in with the offering.
  5. Upon payment, Chris will indicate paid on the chart and fill in the corresponding square(s).
  6. We plan to add your contribution to your “Giving Statement” separate from your regular offering.
  7. Faith Lutheran Church is a 501c(3) tax exempt charity.