Dear Friends in Faith –

“The kids stayed behind in the pews while the adults went forward to receive communion. I hadn’t seen that in years!”

That was a Faith member telling me recently about worshiping at a Lutheran church in another part of the state while visiting relatives.

I remember doing that as a kid. I remember Mom & Dad coming back to the pew with the smell of wine on their breath. (It was, to me, a holy smell since they never drank any alcohol, ever, except communion wine.) It was a piece of a grand mystery. The first act of the mystery began with the pastor intoning these ominous words: “Forasmuch as we intend to come to the Lord’s Table, it becometh us diligently to examine ourselves as St. Paul exhorteth us.”

Watching the adults leave all the children behind to go forward, kneel at the rail, and return with a solemn expression on their faces taught me a lesson the theologians of the church never intended to teach. In fact, they would have labeled it heresy! However, I learned it in worship; at church!

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