“Behind the Words a Taste of Love”

By Mark Petersen

“I love to feel where words come from” …these words fell from a spiritual director’s mouth and caught my ear. It is not the words I necessarily remember, but the taste of love filling the spaces between words that provide meaning in life around the table where we eat. This taste of love makes connections we hold deep in the recesses of our memories.

Every year prior to Christmas, Detective Eric Veum drops off a gift of Rullepølse on my doorstep; then leaves a note, “Your Christmas treat is at the door. Merry Christmas!” Before I put it in the refrigerator, I unwrap the contents for a taste of the gift. When I nibble on this morsel of salty spiced pressed meat I am transported back many years to an early morning taste. There I am, peering around the corner into the kitchen as fresh Danish rye is being pulled from the oven. Her apron has smudges of flour, and there it is, that little twinkle in her eye as she notices me. She pulls out a chair and puts a pillow on it so that I can reach the table. It feels good to be on the big chair almost eye to eye. I don’t remember the words, but I do remember the taste and the feelings behind the conversation, sitting next to Annie Winther, my great-grandmother. She poured a cup of coffee for both of us, mine was 3⁄4 milk and sugar and hers, black. The aroma of Danish rye arouses a moment of taste while Nana sacramentally slices two pieces of warm bread and Rullepølse. Every morning new, next to Nana enjoying the taste and feelings of love behind the words. Thank you, Detective Eric, for this morsel at Christmas; it draws more than words can describe.

A few weeks ago, our family gathered for pictures along the Ice Age Trail in Lodi. After pictures, we went out for fish fry at Fitz’s on the Lake. It was a time of laughter and celebrating the birthday of our youngest daughter. For a moment at the table my wife, Peggy, and I glanced over at each other with that familiar smile of delight noticing the love behind the words (and laughter) with our family gathered at the table.

One-week later Pastor Lisa was handing me a piece of bread, saying a few words as I placed the Bread of Life in my mouth, noticing love in, with and under; reminding me that I am connected to something far greater than words could ever describe.

I love to feel where words come from…

Pastor Mark

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