Summer Breeze

By Henry Elling

This picture was taken about 10 years ago, when Lillie was 8 years old. It has been on our refrigerator door ever since it was printed. She asks me why I keep it up and don’t change it out for other, more recent pictures of her. So now I will tell you one reason – it reminds me of the touch of God in my life.

I really enjoy mowing the lawn in the summertime. During the winter I enjoy shoveling snow almost as much, except the timing is not usually on my schedule. Working outside is not my ordinary activity, so I usually end up overheated, sweating up a storm, and searching for a glass of water. But while I’m walking up and down, back and forth, pushing and pulling, ready to stop because it’s just too much effort – and I’m really not as young and strong as I was only last year – a breeze passes over me. Sometimes the breeze comes from behind, sometimes from the side, but it really catches me up when it comes full in the face. Not a heavy wind to blow me over, just enough of a breeze to refresh me and remind me. God is with me; in the touch of a breeze.

So, I look at this picture and see the breeze blowing Lillie’s hair across her face. And just to the right of her in this picture is a butterfly. Or is it?

I keep this picture on the refrigerator to remind me that God is with all of us, and the breeze is just one way that I know this to be true.

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