Faith Lutheran’s First Lenten Season

By Joycelyn Lienke

February 15, 1970 our first Sunday in Lent worshipping to- gether as a congregation preparing ourselves to celebrate Easter, the resurrection of our Lord who loves us and cares for us.

One reason we wanted our own church was the desire to be part of the ecumenical community. Pastor Herbert Hanson (from the church office in Janesville) attended a Lenten ser- vice the Thursday before Pastor Hushagen was going to be installed the following Sunday. He read our bulletin for the following Sunday and in there was a reminder where the next

Lenten service would be held. He read that and said “no, you can’t do that, we would have to have our own service”. We were taken back, and said “that is one reason we wanted this church”. We proceeded being part of the ecumenical community and didn’t hear any more about it from the church office.

To prepare for Easter Sunday some men got together and made a cross to hold the Easter lilies. They made it in our basement and when it was all finished, they had one problem. How do we get it out of here. After some discussion and the engineering skills that Pastor Hushagen had, they solved the problem and it is used to this day, 48 years later.

The night before Easter I was so anxious wondering if we would have many people in church. I didn’t need to feel that way because we had 170 people present. Some were our relatives and some local people. It was a beautiful service.

Faith Lutheran Church was not an impossible dream, but rather a manifestation of God’s will and the congre- gation’s willingness to accept His will and work toward a common goal. God has blessed us with very capa- ble and concerned Pastors we have had excellent growth both in numbers and spirit. It is our responsibility to respond to the growth of Faith Lutheran Church, and maintain a solid Christian witness, with enthusiasm and optimism. To paraphrase St. Paul, “We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.” (Previous paragraph quoted from Lyle Sampson, President of Faith Lutheran Council)

During Lent, I feel so blessed and I think of Jesus’ journey through his lifetime of 33 years on this earth. His death on the cross was for you and me.

Join us this Lenten season for our near-daily devotion, part of

“The Brush of Angel Wings” Sensing God’s Love.